There’s little that inspires us more than watching skilled European craftsmen working the most beautiful Italian leathers and suedes to produce shoes that look and feel amazing. It’s the sight of a DUO design, so thoughtfully conceived by our in-house team, carefully brought to life by some of the most talented artisan shoemakers Europe has to offer.

Sometimes we’re asked what makes European hand-crafted shoes such a good investment. Well imagine two restaurants: one pre-cooks to a formula and adds finishing touches; the other carefully re-creates each order from scratch. Just like our culinary cousins, each pair of DUO shoes passes through 30 or more pairs of hands before they reach you. And whilst the overall essence of each product remains consistent, no two pairs are ever precisely the same. It’s this level of artistry on every single product that gives hand-crafted footwear its long-lasting character.

Materials help in footwear as they do in the kitchen and Italian leathers remain the envy of the world. Each season tanners weave their magic to produce colours subtle and bright, worked to the suppleness our customers love. With them and our factories we unearth fresh and innovative textures and finishes we believe will combine to achieve the right balance. All this before technically gifted last-makers and pattern-cutters give DUO shoes and boots their unique fit and our wonderful group of technicians, stitchers and finishers skilfully blend each ingredient to form a finished product. It’s the combination of all this experience that makes European craftsmanship so important to us and our customers. Creating beautifully tailored shoes and boots takes time and care – it inspiring their character and personality live on long after the box is closed, packaged up and delivered to your door.



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